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“Tsunakan” is an oyster farmer’s guest house where you can meet people directly involved in the fishing industries (mainly cultivating oysters) and stay in a typical Japanese style home.
The guest house is located on the Karakuwa Peninsula in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture.


The small fisherman’s village

We grow oysters, scallops, and seaweed on the Karakuwa peninsula.



You can enjoy traditional Japanese architecture at “Tsunakan,” and the special experience of ‘the oyster farmer’s house’ when you stay with us.

Dinner and breakfast will be prepared by our chef, Ryosuke Imai.
Meals feature Karakuwa oysters, and Sanriku’s local fresh seafood!
Sushi can be also served by request at an additional cost.

Fresh Swordfish.

Made into…



Hot pot or fried oysters and so on.


¥10,000 yen per night per person which includes dinner and breakfast; taxes included.
RESERVATION BY E-MAIL: moriya.tunakan@gmail.com

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About the Karakuwa area

Karakuwa is located in the suburb (east) of Kesennuma main town (about a 36 minutes drive),
where it was strongly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.
The area is still in the process of recovering from the disaster.

Below is an article posted in Japan guide.

>the Karakuwa area and the experience at “Tsunakan”

>“BEST hidden beauty award 2015”



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From Kesennuma Station, 40 minute drive by car or 50 minutes by bus.
Walk 10 minutes from Kesennuma Station towards the ocean to the Kesyozaka bus stop, board a bus bound for Osaki, ride it for 40 minutes and get off at the Syuku bus stop.
We can then pick you up from the Syuku bus stop.

>way to tsunakan map

Kesyozaka to Syuku Bus stop
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Syuku to Kesyozaka Bus stop
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Would you like to click the picture? You can read a customer review. Review from Italia: “The owner Mrs. Ichiyo Kanno is a funny and great person.”